Holidays… Continued in the New Year

Caribbean sea

Caribbean sea (Photo credit: igorlazunna)

Well, the holidays are over and I am counting the days to my next one! In a week my husband and I will be sailing on a cruise ship around the Caribbean. Neither he nor I have ever been on a cruise or ever been to that part of the world. We are both looking forward to it.  I hope it will be relaxing.

Before that however, my keyboardist husband has one last musical gig at an Arts Centre close to home. Three bands, great songs, and one big party. Blogging will be light, if at all for the next few weeks. However, I will be back, hopefully with some good photos.

I am also raking in as many materials as I can from my library and online to begin a bible ‘study’ group with our Quaker meeting.One of the elders and I are leading a group of 8 or so in exploring how to include the bible in our daily spiritual practice without furthering the damage already wrought in us by early religious experiences. Reading the bible as a Quaker is a different process than it is for the fundamentalist evangelical Christian. We are going to explore taking the bible seriously, but not literally, but also explore our own ideas and expound on spiritual concepts. The Quaker movement is founded on the principle that the Spirit of God still speaks to all of us, not just through the pages of a book. Hopefully, I can share some of those experiences with you as well.